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Rasberry Pi - HDMI to LVDS Converter/Bridge

Question asked by rjdunwoody on Feb 11, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2014 by GuenterL

Hey guys,


I'm a 4th year engineering student at Oxford and I'm working on a solar powered computing concept that has to be very cheap and very low power. I am going to be using a Raspberry Pi as it is sufficient for the type of computing tasks required, and it is of course very cheap and low powered.


In terms of the screen, replacement laptop screens such as the one I have ( are very cheap but use 40 pin, single channel LVDS for the input. So I would need a HDMI/DVI to LVDS bridge to connect the Raspberry Pi to the screen, what devices would be most suitable for this application?


This is a very exciting project as it would enable a full solar powered computer to be built for around $100, and since the device will be shipping to Africa this is hugely beneficial.


I would love to hear your expert opinions on the best way I could achieve this, any help is much appreciated!


Many thanks