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Interfacing an ADIS16480 to a fit-PC2i-C1600

Question asked by simireor on Feb 11, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2014 by simireor

I am part of a student group developing an AUV and we are looking into upgrading our IMU to the ADIS16480. The system is running the Robot Operating System (ROS) on a linux fitpc which does not natively have an SPI interface.


Is there a way to connect the ADIS16480 using a USB-SPI bridge?

I found several USB_SPI devices and some use the HID profile, claiming that this makes the device 'driverless'. (

Would it be possible to then make use of the IIO driver?


In this concrete example the expandIO supports 1MHz SPI. Is this sufficient to transfer at the 2.46kHz?


Thanks alot.