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ADL5375 Rev A Datasheet Error (Output Disable)

Question asked by enash Employee on Jul 8, 2010
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I think that there is a typo in the Rev 0 and Rev A versions of the ADL5375 datasheet in the section entitled Output Disable. The sentence "The feature is disabled (output not enabled...." should read "The feature is disabled (output enabled)...."



The ADL5375 incorporates an output disable pin feature that shuts down the output amplifier stage to isolate the modulator from the load. This feature is enabled (output is disabled) when the voltage on the DSOP exceeds 2 V. The feature is disabled (output not enabled) when the DSOP pin is either tied to ground or left unconnected.


Asserting DSOP further reduces LO leakage (see Figure 27 and Figure 52) and drives the broadband noise of the device down