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current-to-voltage converter for oscilloscope

Question asked by Christian.S.B. on Feb 10, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2014 by Christian.S.B.

Hi all,


in order to characterize transistors I am interested in visualizing the drain-current response of a  field-effect transistor to a gate voltage pulse on an oscilloscope.

With our present setup the lower limit for the drain-current-waveform is around 100 nA at pulses in the us-range with a rise time of 10 s but we would like to get an even better setup in order to be able to measure currents of a few nA with rise-times of a few ns.

So we need quite a fast low noise current-to-voltage-converter: either a transimpedance amplifier or a differential amplifier with a shunt-resistor.

Is there an amplifier from Analog devices that would fit to our requirements?


Here in short:

- convert current into voltage in order to visualize on an oscilloscope

- current < 100 nA, ideally a few nA

- rise/fall time ideally a few ns


Thank you for your help in advance,