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Query about ADRF6655's Conversion Gain

Question asked by WayneQ on Feb 11, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2014 by bsam

Hi, there

I brought an EVB of ADRF6655 from your distributor and tested it. Here are two queries that need your help.

1, I measured ADRF6655 output signal through spectrum analyzer.

But measured conversion gain is about - 6 dB in the spectrum analyzer.

(voltage conversion gain : 6 dB in datasheet)

The gain seems not match the specifications in the datasheet…

What’s the reason?

2, When I measured the ADRF6655 as up-converter using internal LO frequency.

Some frequencies don’t normally operate.

  1. RF input frequency: 470~ 698 MHzà our target IF frequency is 1220 MHz

But another IF frequencies occurred at some RF input frequencies.

  1. RF: 490 MHz, LO: 1710 MHz à measured IF : 1380 MHz ( target IF: 1220 MHz)


My setting of EVB are shown as below for your reference.




Thanka so much for your kindly help!