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Do I have to use the HDMI preferred resolution modes in EDID from monitors?

Question asked by vasikri on Feb 10, 2014
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I'm designing a product with an FPGA driving RGB 24 bit video to a ADV7513 HDMI/DVI encoder. My video source is a sensor that is 1280x720 resolution, as such I only need to send 720p output.


When I read and review the EDID data on monitors I find many of them support higher resolution than I need. Do I have to upscale my image to match the monitor's preferred resolution or can i just send 720p video and expect that the monitors will be able to display it properly? The monitor specifications indicate that they can support 720p (as well as the higher resolutions) but the EDID data doesn't show the 720p resolution.

I ask because I have my setup showing an image properly on one monitor, but on other monitors I get either "No signal" or a garbled image.


Further I see the EDID data has different PCLK values listed in the preferred mode. Doesn't SMPTE specify the PCLK values for each timing mode and so why would the EDID have different PCLK values?