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Questions / Max power / port termination?

Question asked by rgetz Employee on Feb 10, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2014 by tlili

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  1. Why can't I get one-on-one email/phone support on the AD9361?
  2. The max RX input power is stated @ +2.5 dBm peak. That said, the parts don’t seem to be that sensitive on the demo boards. What happens to the part when it’s overdriven? How can you tell when a parts has been overdrive, what break?
  3. Do all TX/RX ports need to be terminated when not used? The demo board shows the TX ports have the bias voltage applied. Is this needed ? What happens if it isn’t applied? Will the part be damaged or just performance degradation?
  4. Can someone make the Xilinx/ADI demo register setting available? This would be a good starting point when evaluating the part, especially, for power sweeps. I expect ADI went through a significant effort to maximize the EVM vs power performance of the device. Having this information made available from the evaluation SW would significantly reduce the development time for customers.
  5. Ability to poke register setting with different values. The SW let us read the registers but not change the values. This limits the value of the evaluation setup. If the customer can change the register settings, this would allow customers to quickly hone in on the needed register configuration settings required for our particular application.