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ADAV801 duty cycle error

Question asked by Torsten on Feb 10, 2014



a question regarding the SYSCLK2 output on ADAV801.

At XIN I have a 27MHz crystal, at SYSCLK2 I need 24.576 MHz with 50% duty cycle.

Because I use PLL2 and double sample rate (48 kHz x 2), I need to write in register 0x75 the value 0x10. So I get at SYSCLK2 24.576 MHz with a duty cycle of 34% !!

If I take out the duplication (FS2 / 2), so write the value 0x00 in the register, the duty cycle is changed to 50%.

If the sample rate for PLL2 set to 44.1 kHz and switched to double (FS2) again, I also get 50% duty cycle.

I write 0x40 in the register (Actually Reserved) and get a sampling rate of 48 kHz with doubling and duty cycle 50%, Although bit 4 of 0x75 is not set (?).

However, de value 0x50 is working. Are that settings that operate safely, or is it not specified?

Is there an explanation for this behavior?