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SFTP with buildroot

Question asked by gombos on Feb 10, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2014 by Aaronwu

Hi All,


My customers require from us to turn our devices from telnet and ftp into ssh and sftp. My opinion is that it will be too much for BF537 but lets try.

At first I could build dropbear from the packages (sthg. was wrong in the header of vfork patch file but I could fix it easy) After increasing the stack size to 16k it is able to run as inetd service. I could generate RSA key and I could ssh into it. Fine.

But the connection takes lot of time (about 5 seconds) and I can not generate DSS keys with dropbearkey (exception)


Next should be the SFTP. My plan was to build open_ssh package, save sftp_server application and remove the package. The open_ssh package could not built completely but the sftp_server part compiled. So I placed it into the target tree (/usr/libexec/sftp_server)

If I log into with an sftp client (connection is slow as usual) i the operation is very unstable. Sometimes I can change directories but sometimes the server exit with misalignment exception. Sometimes i can list the files but the get command always kills itself.


So the first question is: do you think this system is able to run this combination? (I have several other tasks. I would be very sad if if slowed down).

I worry about CPU and memory overload and quick memory fragmentation in case of frequent use. What do you think?