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Heap and Expert Linker Questions

Question asked by Tom00 on Jul 9, 2010
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I am optimizing the memory usage of my DSP program ( 21469 evaluation board). I have some question and software problem about memory optimization.


heap questions :

* If I don't use malloc (or similar) and variable length buffers do I still need a heap memory?

* Are there library functions, which require a heap? If yes: Which one?

* Is there a minimum heap/stack size? In my application I have mostly filter and FFT task, which are computed by the core.

* If a heap is required is it possible to have the heap only in external memory?



I try to test the behavior of the heap/stack, but now the software problem began. I created a project and an ldf fie with the expert linker. Unfortunately I could not see the heap and stack usage, even the global properties show stack/heap is on.

Second I wanted to use the ldf macro USE_SDRAM_HEAP, by inserting define USE_SDRAM_HEAP in the ldf file. If the expert linker was not open I could observe two times that malloc is allocating form the external memory, but normally  VDSP hang of crashes. I can see that VDSP is busy by load section XXX, but from this time on VDSP is not respond anymore. In the last week I have several dozen crashes of VDSP!!!!!!! This week I have updated from Update 7 to 8, but I have problem with both updates.


I have attached my project, hopefully you can help me to avoid the crashes.



Best regards