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ADSP 21469 multiple clocking options

Question asked by gopakumar on Jul 9, 2010
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We are developing an audio processing system based on 21469 SHARC.

The 21469 SHARC generates the clock required by the SPORT's and the CODEC's using the PCG.

The system also uses the S/PDIF module on the 21469 along with the SRC's.


The system works in two modes - Master and Slave which is selectable by the user.

In Master mode, the clock generated by the DSP is used by the SPORT's and the CODEC's.

In Slave mode, the clock recovered by the S/PDIF has to be used by the SPORT's and the CODEC's.


My doubts are:


1) Is is legal to change the SRU connections during run-time and what are the precautionary steps to be taken while doing it?

2) Is it legal to change the Input/Output property of a DAI pin during run time?



Thanks in advance