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Spectral limiter

Question asked by Wallaby on Feb 10, 2014
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Firstly, I am newbie in the Audio Processing world, sorry in advance if I am wrong in some questions.

I need to design a dynamic limiter for audio spectrum, known as spectral limiter at least 1/3 octave resolution (Does it mean 30 frequencies total?).

An old model that I saw (20 years old), includes a microphone as a sensor to collect the sound in real time and equalize another input line for each frequency in a DSP (an old TMS320 series) and several RAM chips. The equalized line has a delay produced in the processing, and the resulting audio is the desired limited spectrum. I need to renew this device and would be fantastic that a sigma processor could do the job. Is it any way to do the limiter with certain model of sigma processor? or it is mandatory the use of a powerfull DSP. Somebody point to me in the direction of the optimal solution for this system?


Thank you in advance.