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Valid solution to sync 2 RF PLL in multichip AD9361?

Question asked by FreddyS on Feb 9, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2014 by tlili

Will this idea below valid to provide a workarounfd to sync 2 RF PLL of 2 AD9361 devices?

1.     Assuming that we have 2 X AD9361 devices.  One of the 4 available Tx channel is transmitting at frequency F1. The 4 Rx channels are all configured to receive this F1 frequency.

2.     If as part of System INIT process we will transmit a Tx signal on this channel and will receive it on all 4 RX channels (by using kind of coupling)

3.     By receiving the signal on all 4 Rx channels we will compare the phases of all 4 channels and extract the 3 phases offsets (by assuming that first channel is the master one)

Will it work? Any other idea?