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Migrating to a new digital carrier board

Question asked by FArid on Feb 7, 2014
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We are currently using the AD-FMCOMMS1 with ML605. However, we are considering to migrate to a more powerful digital carrier Zynq eval board. We want to keep going on with AD-FMCOMMS1.


Important features for us are:

     - ARM core

     - Comprehensive Support on HDL/No-OS reference design and APIs

     - Support the data transfer from DDR-RAM to DAC for flawless operation of DAC with sampling rate of 500MSPS. The same in the Rx path: the ability of capturing at least 2MB of IQ data (continuously) with sampling rate of 250MSPS. Are the "newly implemented DMAC blocks" able to support this operation without any HW modifications? What is the maximum input DAC rate these DMAC blocks can support? What is the maximum amount of data we can capture at Rx (guaranteed continuity)?

     - Supported API for developing software


So based on this, I wanted to ask you which carrier is more recommended by ADI and has the latest and most comprehensive support in the HDL reference design, No-OS software and APIs?


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