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Emulator disconnected while downloading the .dxe files to the target.

Question asked by Vince on Jul 8, 2010
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I am an field app engineer and one of my customers is experiencing emulator problem.

Whenever he's done compiling his project and VDSP++ is downloading the dxe file onto the target processor, a prompt windows jumps out saying the emulator is to be disconnected from the processor.

The warning goes like this:


The target has requested to disconnect from the IDDE.


Reset failed.

Do you want it to disconnect? Yes/No


He was using VDSP++ 5.0, without update applied, and HPUSB-ICE. The target is BF537 ez-kit.

He tried to apply update 8 lately, but it turns out to be the same, except the reason becomes: "Unspecified error. Failed to set registers."

By the way, he could load the flash programmer driver and program the flash successfully.


I suppose it should be malfunctioning of the emulator?


The picture shows the error message: