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ADV7182 Colour separation on CVBS input

Question asked by LarsP on Feb 7, 2014
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We have the same card ed0 and ed1.  Ed0 has ADV7180, Ed1 has ADV7182.
We see that ADV7182 has poor quality on colour test-images.  We see a lot of
noise on the output image. We are using video test instrument from Tektronix to
generate test-images.
This noise is located to the Y-component when all shaping filters are set to
"default".  Setting a Notch filter or a low pass filter < SVHS11, this noise is
effectively killed.
Using Y-shaping filters that removes the colour carrier frequency is effective,
but also removes image sharpness/details in the higher frequency band (above
Adjusting Comb-filter settings seem not to help.
The ADV7180 has not this problem.

Need help on this topic....!