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Determining if a BF537 is bad

Question asked by MattZ on Feb 7, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2014 by jobo23

Hi All,


I have a custom board based on a BF537. I've had a couple hundred of these boards made over the past few years. Recently, I received a batch of boards where one board did not work and I "think" it's the BF537 that is at fault.


I'm using an ICE-USB to connect to the chip and load my program. VDSP says it is able to set up a session with the board and load the program.

However, when I run the program the Disassembly window immediately shows the program halted at a breakpoint for __fatal_exception at address FFA05594. This obviously is not the case with the boards that are good.


I've checked all the chip supply voltages, they look good. The board has been x-rayed and the BGA connections look good. I've also proved that I'm getting some level of communication with the chip since the are si rev 0.3 and if I build the program configured for si rev 0.2, VDSP gives me the appropriate warning.


My current feeling is the BF537 chip has been damaged somehow. Does anyone have any ideas how to troubleshoot this further?


Thanks in advance.