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5 questions: Multiple AD9361 RF PLL Sync, External LO and others

Question asked by FreddyS on Feb 7, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2014 by tlili



1-From the documentation: The ability to synchronize RF local oscillators between multiple AD9361 is not available. Sync between multiple chips is supported only for Baseband PLL synchronization.


Please confirm this is the status. Any reference design/recommendation to sync the RF level as well? One option is using an external LO which leads to the next question:


2- The range of the EXT LO signal is from 140MHz to above 8GHz, covering the RF tune frequency range of 70MHz to 4GHz (only).


What if the required RF frequency range need to be up to 6Ghz?


3-What is the sample frequency rate of the


-     A/D


-     D/A


4- What is the dynamic range of a single Rx channel? narrow/medium/full BW


5- Any recommendation regarding the use of CMOS or LVDS? Are there limitations? What about the leakage of the LVDS signal over the RF channel?