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AD9912 and Analog Devices' line of Buffers

Question asked by tsmith7 on Feb 6, 2014
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I am using the AD9912 output (DAC_out) to drive a 50 ohm load. I was looking for Analog Devices buffers that can output up to 400MHz with a signal amplitude of up to 1 Vpp.


I was able to find both a diff-to-diff buffer (ADA4932) and a single-ended to single-ended (AD8007) that can go up to 400 MHz for small signals (~100 mV pp) but do not for large signals (2 Vpp).


I was wondering if there is a graph showing frequency response for various signal sizes to see if I could use the above buffers for a 1 Vpp input signal. If not, are there other AD parts that can meet the above requirements?