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Programming ADAS1000

Question asked by loris322 on Feb 6, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2014 by Loris_85

Good morning, I have created a PCB for ECG measuring using ADAS1000 and a dsPIC30F3013 as microcontroller. I use the same lines for programming the micro and to communicate through serial interface.

Is  PGD/SDI (In-Circuit Serial Programming™ data input/output) and PGC/SDO  (In-Circuit Serial Programming™ clock).

In a first phase I have programmed the micro without adding ADAS and It worked well, then the programming failed.

I have added a pull up resistor to CS to ensure that the device didn't interfere in the programming phase but this doesn' t seems to be the solution because I m not able to program the micro yet.

I can' t stand what could be the matter.

In the micro is running the previous version of the code correctly but obvioously I cannot update It.

Thanks in advance!