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VBUS error Interrupt on BF527 USB MSD Host Driver

Question asked by tsybezoff on Feb 6, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2014 by matchaze

Hi, dear support.


I have a problem with VBUS error Interrupt when send SCSI Inquiry Request. Inquiry Data came, but I couldn't get CSW data, 'cause have a VBUS error Interrupt.
In debugging I see that UsbInterruptHandler () is called and USB_INTRUSB_VBUSERROR_B is detected.
Your code is:

/* IF (VBUS error Interrupt) */

    if ((ucIrqStatus & USB_INTRUSB_VBUSERROR_B) && pDev->Mode == MODE_OTG_HOST )


       /* Acknowledge pending VBUS error interrupt */

        *pUSB_INTRUSB = ucIrqStatus;

        DriveVbusOff (pDev);

        DriveVbusOn (pDev);

        SetSessionBit ();       

        return (ADI_INT_RESULT_PROCESSED);



Speaking frankly, problem with DriveVbusOn. After DriveVbusOff VBUS is really off, but after DriveVbusOn VBUS is not high and power is absent on the bus. What should I do? Help me!!!