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Meauring the rotation of a pin with internal bore 18mm using a gyro?

Question asked by SimonLough on Feb 5, 2014
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I am trying to measure the rotation of a floating piston (gudgeon) pin in a model (motor driven) engine cylinder using a gyro rate sensor. The bore of the pin is around 18mm and the sensor needs to sit within this bore and aligned to the central axis.


I know the sensor alone can fit inside however the DUT for the EVAL-ADXZ-S evaluation boards do not seem to fit (unless I have missed one?). Is there a smaller DUT board (preferably without creating my own circuit board), or is there a simple male to female extension that would allow the sensor to be located in the piston pin bore and transmit down wires to the DUT which then transmits to the controller?


Stating the obvious but ideally no custom circuit boards and wired transmission is fine in all areas as access to the end of the gudgeon pin is available.


Any help would be much appreciated.