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BF548 EPPI0 Snapshot Receive

Question asked by FrankS on Jul 8, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2010 by FrankS

In our current project we are using a BF548 to capture single images from external hardware in snapshot mode. We've configured EPPI0 as follows:

- GP 2 FS RX Mode

- internal FS generation

- external clock generation

Because of snapshot mode we enable/disable EPPI0 per image.

We would expect that FS1/FS2 goes active immediately after enabling EPPI0 and the image data is clocked in and DMAed to memory.

What we see is that there are dummy FS1 clocks for a complete image (no DMA activity) and after that FS2 is asserted and the next image is clocked in and DMAed to memory.

The question: Why is the initial FS2 clock missing after enabling EPPI0?


Any ideas on this are highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.