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ADV7125 questions...85C performance, 3.3V supply, and longevity

Question asked by jamaalcharles on Feb 5, 2014
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We are considering using the ADV7125BCPZ170, but we have a few questions that aren't clear in the datasheet.


First, the datasheet states “5V SUPPLY ONLY UP TO 140MHZ AT +85DEGC”.  At3.3V OR 5V, the device has been specified for at Tmax of +85C at 140MHz.  If one uses the 240MHz or 330MHz device, then Tmax is specified to be 70degC.   What I need to verify if the 170MHz device work at 85C (at 170MHz) and with a 3.3V input?


Second, again, just need to verify we can use 3.3V and 170MHz as datasheet indicates.


Finally, can you tell us the projected longevity for each package, LFCSP, LQFP?  


Thanks for your help