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Question asked by on Feb 5, 2014
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Hello again,


Thanks to your support and Meir Mardechayev from Phoenix Technologies we decided to use ADP5052 at our design... few more question:


1. what is the deference between ADP5050&5052 beside the i2c interface and interrupt pin?
2. I'm plan to use ADP5052 without buck number 3. i thought about connecting EN3&Pin3 to GND and left all other related pin floated... is this configuration OK? what about not using power_good and connect is to GND?

3. UVLO precision enable - is it possible to use a single divider at EN1 and short EN2,EN4,EN5 to EN1? connecting UVLO directly to Vref will start the channels at vin=4.2?





David Dayan