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EZKIT21369: SDRAM via DMA timing?

Question asked by rkn on Feb 4, 2014
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I'm wondering about the following:

I'm using the EZKIT21369. The SDRAM is configured like in the block-based talk trough example with a clock of 166MHz, DSP runs at 331MHz.

First I'm writing some test data to the SDRAM via core access.

Then I'm reading 8 blocks of 128 dwords via chained DMA. That is working fine so far. I can see the expected data in internal memory after

while( (*pDMAC0) & (CHS+DMAS) );

But now the strange thing:

If I limit the chain to only one TCB and do a cycle measurement I measure 395 cycles (for 128dwords). => transfer takes 1.2µs, right?

But that seems to long! I think it should be only 0.77µs (128/166MHz). Am I missing something here? Are there some extra steps executed when the DMA runs the first time? Or am I doing a wrong assumption in the calculation?