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AD8556 Evaluation board is not working

Question asked by DipakKhairnar on Feb 4, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2014 by iamPhil

Hello ,


I have purchased sdp - s board and evaluation board AD8556 programmable gain signal amplifier .

I have downloaded user manual of evaluation board from following  analog devices website


I have followed basic initial setup steps as per user manual but it is not working .


The steps which i have followed is

1. Connect the AD8556-EVALZ evaluation board to the SDP board, which is connected to the USB port of your PC system using USB mini-B cable.

2. Position manual switches to VPOS P2 and VNEG P1.

3. Jumper the VCLAMP connector pin to the VDD connector pin.

4. Apply 1 mV dc signal between the +VIN dc and −VIN dc connectors, and monitor the VOUT dc output using a voltmeter.

5. Place an AD8556-EVALZ part in the SOIC socket, connect the VCLAMP pin to the VDD pin, and apply dc power to the board using an external power supply (±2.5 V).

Expected = When you complete this procedure, the output should be 70 mV, with the board in this configuration consuming roughly 4 mA.



but when I complete this procedure it gives output 1.55 v instead of expected 70mV .



can anyone suggest what will be the issue with this eval board  ???


Thanks and Regards

Dipak Khairnar