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AD9286 EVAL Board simultanous channel issue

Question asked by Indrajit on Feb 3, 2014
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        We ( I)  bought the AD9286 EVAL board to use the board for simulations sampling of two RF channels @ 250 MHz / channel or single channel @ 500MHz interleaved mode. Since the ADC Data-sheet says two inputs and capable of several modes (interleaved/simultaneous). But there is no information saying that EVAL board design is dedicated for interleave mode and simultaneous channels or not possible . Where by looking the two RF SMA connectors and two clock connectors I assumed to work in both MODE.  Now I am in the trouble after buying the board and gone through the schematic we found that RF 1 is split  into two without any 2:1 transformer connected to the RF 2 (see attached image). So those who want to evaluate this AD9286 EVAL  board please go through the schematic once again. And I ask Analog Device to add this info on the EVAL board data sheet.


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