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ADE 7880 no-load conditions

Question asked by Heimo1 on Jan 31, 2014
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I have a question about the no-load condition in combination with ER0004.

I need the xWATTHR, the the xFWATTHR, and the rVARHR registers to stop accumulating energy.

Observing the er004 (Datasheet ADE7880. page 82) I have to initialize



VANOLOAD = desired value.

When a phase is triggered "no-load"  by VANOLOAD, STATUS1 Register is set and the corresponding phase is set in PHNOLOAD.

Then the APNOLOAD and VARNOLOAD registers should be written with the (same) desired value as VANOLOAD.

As Result the xWATTHR, xFWATTHR, and xVARHR registers stop accumulating energy.


It is not clear to me, if have to do this only once at startup, or every time a no-load condition comes true.

Doing this only once (for the first no-load condition) seems senseless to me.


So my question is: When do I have to reset APNOLOAD = VARNOLOAD = 0 again??


When phase A is in no-load and after some time Phase B too, how does this work???

I guess, when Phase B comes into no-load the APNOLOAD and VARNOLOAD registers should be zero?


Perhaps someone can clarify this to me!?!

A step by step guidance would be nice, or some hints!


Thank You in advance!