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Capacitors for Vss,Vss and DVcc pins of AD5360

Question asked by nom on Jan 31, 2014
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I think to use 6 pieces of AD5360 on one board

In the datasheet , AD5360 has two pins for every Vdd, Vss and DVcc and it is necessary to be decoupled with 0.1μF and 10μF capacitor.

And on  the evaluation board, the 10μF capacitors are used for every Vdd,Vss and DVcc pins.


Is it OK to use 10μF capacitors commonly for each Vdd, Vss and DVcc ? or is it necessary to use 10μF capacitors for every pins of Vdd, Vss and DVcc ?

I want to reduce the number of capacitors on the board.


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