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ADV7513 and bt.565 (PAL)

Question asked by Sasa on Jan 30, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2014 by pandadolphin

I use ADV7513.

Input – bt.565: 8bit on ADV7513:D[15..8], embedded sync, 576i@50 (PAL).


Settings for formatting of Video Input must be (“ADV7513_Programming_Guide.pdf”):

ID=4          // YCbCr 4:2:2, 2X clock, even dist., Embedded syncs (p.26, Table 15 )

Style=1          // 8bit, Cb/Y/Cr/Y[7:0] => Data[15:8], R0x48[4:3] = ‘00’ (evenly distributed)  (p.29, Table 18)


Settings of registers (from “ADV7513_Programming_Guide.pdf”) must be:

0x15[3:0] = 0100          // 8, 10, 12 bit YCbCr 4:2:2 (2x pixel clock, embedded syncs) (p.141)

0x16[6] = 0                    // Reserved. Must be set to Default Value (0)

0x16[5:4] = 11                    // 8 bit

0x16[3:2] = 10                     // style 1

0x16[0] = 1 ???     // ??? “Register Name” = “Output Colorspace for Black Image”

                                                       // ??? “Function”= “Input Color Space Selection”: 0 = RGB, 1 = YCbCr



1. In your scripts “bt656-ADV7842_7511-cvbs.txt”  I see for ID=4 next settings:

“72 16 71 ; 8 bits, Style 1”


That is:

0x16[6] = 1          // in Programming_Guide it is “Reserved. Must be set to Default Value (0)”

0x16[3:2] = 00          // in Programming_Guide it is “00 = Not Valid”

0x16[0] = 1


Function from Library API “ADV7513_API_Library-Rel1.55.2.1”:

ADIAPI_TxSetInputPixelFormat(8, SDR_422_EMB_SYNC_2X_CLK, 1, ALIGN_EVEN, true, false);

make settings:

72 16 32          // 0x16[3:2] = 00, in Programming_Guide it is “00 = Not Valid”

                              // 0x16[0] = 0


What settings for 0x16[6],[3:2],[0] must be in my case?


2. My mode is 576i, 2x pixel clock. “Programming_Guide” tell (p.32): “When using an input format where the clock is 2 or 4 times the frequency of the data, such as 480i at 27MHz, CLK Divide register bits (0x9D[3:2]) and the CLK Divide Reset Register bit (0xA4[6]) need to be set accordingly.”


What does mean “accordingly”? In all your scripts 0xA4[6]=0 – CLK divider in reset. In Main Map Table this register (0xA4) is “Fixed”…


3. Figure 6 “Sync Processing Block Diagram” (p.45).

Do is table for 0x15[3:1] correct? Mode 110x, 111x is absent in description of register 0x15[3:0] on p.141.


4. Figure 6 “Sync Processing Block Diagram” (p.45).

I use embedded sync, 0x15[3:0]=0x4(0100), 0x17[0]=0, 0x41[1]=0. That is I must have DE, Hsync, Vsync. Why it necessary to configure registers 0x30…0x34? I got video (DVI) only after configuring these registers.


5. Do is description of register 0xFA[7:5] correct (p.165)? This register mentioned with registers 0x30..0x34 in “ Hsync and Vsync Generation” (p.46). What settings must be for register 0xFA in my case?


6. I didn’t find any API-functions in library “ADV7513_API_Library-Rel1.55.2.1” for settings of registers 0x30..0x34 (only macros from “ADV7513_main_map_fct.h”, like “HTX_set_VFE_HS_PLA”)… “UG-556.pdf” tell, that it must be enough only API-functions…