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ADV7511 Reference design XPS issues with ZC706 board

Question asked by mymckinnon on Jan 30, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2014 by DragosB

Back in December I had an issue with the software load and you were able to point me to a different directory on github to get the correct software files for the ZC706 board (adv7511\zc706) . Now I'm trying to build the project from xps in the ..\fpgahdl_xilinx-edk_14_4_2013_08_02\cf_adv7511_zc706\system.xps project because I need to eventually add my IP to your reference design. When I do this it breaks because the xps project in that directory does not go with the new software files. Is there a new or different directory I need to go to on github in order to be able to rebuild the xps from scratch? I need to be able to add new vhdl files to your design to move forward. Thanks.