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LDO ADP323 Vout response

Question asked by on Jan 30, 2014
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My name is Meir and I am DFAE at Phoenix Technologies in Israel.


Sensible Medical, one of my customers, would like to know the Vout response of the ADP323 as a function of a change in the load's current.


In page 13 of the datasheet, figures 36-39 present such response, however, for a jump of 199mA in the load's current, while we are interested in similar plot (e.g like figure 37) but for a current step of 10mA: from 10mA to 20mA.


Could you please describe what is the expected jump in Vout (it's about 50mV for 199mA step), and the transient time (it's about 100us in the given plot, and we assume that this remains the same for a small current step - is that correct?).


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