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ADV7441A EIA-343 standard

Question asked by daisu on Jan 30, 2014
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We set register settings through I2C based on the script of evaluation board/
Settings are Primary Mode = 0x02、Video Standard = 0x05.
When We input SVGA  (1280x1024 @60) to ADV7441A from PC , pixel output can be done.
But, when we input Video of EIA-343A standard to ADV7441A, pixel output can not be done.


Please let me know settings which pixel output can be done in the case of input EIA-343A standard.
Detail of EIA-343A  is below
  Horizontal frequency : 64.002 KHz±1%
  Vertical frequency :60.608 Hz±1%  
  G video signal level : 0.5~2.0V
  Sync signal level : 0.143~0.572V
  R/B video signal level : 0.4~1.6V


Please give me some advice if you do not mind.