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color matrix of ADV7441A

Question asked by Kou on Jan 30, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2014 by Kou

Dear Sir/Madam,


We are using ADV7441A and have a question.

Our usage:input is NTSC and output is Y/Cb/Cr.


The default value of the blue output is (Y, Cb, Cr=52,192,112).

pls refer to the chart. below,


Would you teach us the equation of Y, Cb,and Cr?.

ex. ITU-R BT.601 Y = 0.299R + 0.587G + 0.114B

   Cr = -0.16874R - 0.33126G + 0.5B

   Cb = 0.5R - 0.41869G - 0.081B


It would be greatly appreciated if advice could be gotten.


Sincerely yours,



ADV7441A DEF_Y_C..jpg