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Question asked by Meghlok on Jan 29, 2014
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I am working in the area of integrated receiver design for optical communication and need a linear VCSEL driver. I have some specific questions about the analog devices differential VCSEL driver, ADN2530, for which I contacted the tech support and they redirected to this blog. It would be helpful if someone can address them:


1) I read through the datasheet of ADN-2530 and saw that there's a way to DC bias the VCSEL (by setting a voltage in the BSET pin). I want to put an analog modulated current (not NRZ) on top of this DC bias. I was wondering if ADN-2530 can work linearly either by controlling the modulation current (by MSET pin) or reducing the input peak-to-peak voltage range. Specifically, if the input is a sine wave voltage, will the output be a sine wave current ?


2) The datasheet recommends to use if differentially and for the most part, I will. But at some point I might have to use it single-endedly and just wanted to know if there might be any major issue? Specifically, what is the value of the capacitor in Figure-22 of the datasheet showing "Equivalent Circuit of the Input Stage"?


3) Is there any spice model or simulation aid for the driver IC?


Thanks in advance.