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adc selection guide

Question asked by y2k_eng on Jan 29, 2014
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I was looking for a low-speed ADC that can

sample data  less than  20ksps ,

at least 16 bit resolution is required)

which accepts 4 differential inputs having input voltage range +/-10volts.


I have gone through two adc but from datasheet i am confused about its sampling frequency.

1) 8-Channel Differential DAS with 18-Bit Bipolar, Simultaneous Sampling ADC (AD7609 ) 200kSPS on all channels.

    Is that mean sampling frequency on all channels is 200ksps.


2) 4-Channel, ±10 V Input Range, High Throughput, 24-Bit ( AD7734 )

    What will be the sampling frequency if i enable all 4 channels for reading data.


If someone could please point one out to be it would be great. It is kind of urgent.