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Increasing Available Power of iCoupler devices

Question asked by kartapus on Jan 29, 2014
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In the chapter (page 23) of ADuM5200 datasheet (and in ADuM6200 datasheet too), AD explains how to increase the output power by using 2 devices (one as master and the other one as slave). This is a good thing but it is not as clear (for me) as it could be because this chapter doesn’t give ALL information about such feature. To have all information you have to read a previous chapter (application information, page 19) so having information about a feature at 2 locations is not as good as it could be I think. Best way will be to have all information about such feature in the “Increasing Available Power” chapter.


I mean, in this chapter (Increasing Available Power), AD explains how to wire RCin... pins between 2 devices but you don't talk about Viso of the 2 devices. So how to wire them ? ... and same things for all pins. By reading this chapter (Increasing Available Power), I don’t have the information. In fact, information is available in the previous chapter “application information”, page 19 + in the chapter where pins are described (page 11, 12…). So OK all information seems to be in the datasheet but in different places. So this is not obvious to understand quickly how this feature works.


2 solutions:


  • Modification of datasheet: Improve the information available in the chapter "Increasing Available Power" (how to wire Viso of the 2 devices…) or refer to the chapters where additional information are available (pages 11, 12 and 19) + ADD a typical application schematic.


  • Create an APPLICATION NOTE about this feature with the typical application schematic and a detailed description.


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- I didn’t find such application note or application schematic on your technical articles about iCouplers. Do you already have such a schematic?

- Please find the datahseet with some marks from me (inside a red square)