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DPG3 and AD9122M5375EBZ Rev F. Cannot generate output

Question asked by LouijieC Employee on Jan 29, 2014
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We followed the steps indicated in the Quick Start Guide of AD9122.


Power Supply:  P5 (+5V), P6 (GND)

Signal Source:  J1 (CLKIN), Set source to 500MHz, 2dBm output

PC USB Cable:  XP2

Spectrum Analyzer:  J3 (DAC1_P) or J8 (DAC2_P)

DPG2:     P1 and P2


The only difference with this one is we used DPG3. We also did a 29 MHz single tone signal and followed the exact steps in the Quick Start Guide but we could not get the output from it. Have we missed out something in the setup? We are resorting in debugging the board and double checking it with the schematics. I hope someone can give us insights to go about this.