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EVAL-INAMP-82RM eval board for pressure sensor

Question asked by astock on Jan 28, 2014
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I have a Honeywell flow thru pressure sensor (bridge configuration),  and I was hoping for a "quick and dirty" solution to measuring the output.  THe output changes at 1mV per 1psi change in pressure.  I was hoping to amplify this a bit more and maybe give it a little protection from supply or meter instabilties   I was considering one of the evavluation boards that i could then populate with an AD IA - possibly the AD82XX line.   (this is for a demo in a chemistry lab, with few supplies and fewer discretes for building a solution, only one variable supply available, but I do have a decent multimeter to read output from).  Time is also short, which is why the eval boards seem attractive - reasonably inexpensive and available.  I have looked at EVAL-INAMP-82RZ and EVAL-INAMP-82RMZ.


If this seems like a reasonable solution for this application (short term), please point me in the direction of either an appropriate chip, and/or EVAL board.  Thanks in advance for you help.