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Question asked by on Jan 28, 2014
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I bought the ADP5050 EVAL and tested it - its really good!


Still, i have two questions:


1. i would like to configure the ADP5050 output voltage by i2c (without using feedback resistors) and also enable the over voltage latch.

But if i powering off the input voltage the adp5050 "forget" last configuration and return to original configuration. Is it possible to conf  this ic with I2C at non volatile manner?


2. The software gui with adp5050 i2c adapter cant change registers - the writing ability doesnt work. but still, the reading ability working well and i can read all register status. I have other i2c master and i can change register when i write the commands manualy (without using the gui).... Does someone familiar with this problem?





David Dayan