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Second Stage Loader hangs up loading application

Question asked by FLpaul on Jan 27, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2014 by kckreitzer

Having an issue loading application from FLASH with the Second Stage Loader logic.  Can load smaller application but hangs up on larger application in the SSL at the INIT_L16:.  I think that it is trying to initialize external memory from FLASH but have trouble with the SHARC assembly language.  The R2 (count) is E5C00 and the Destination R3 is 12430300.  The R2 decreases to 72E00 when the DMA loop stops transferring.  The ldf file for the project has been attached. I am really lost and think the .ldf may be setup wrong as this project was originally working on the 21060/21061 platform and is being migrated to the 21469 processor.  Target processor board should be setup similar to EZKit for SDRAM. Thanks, Paul