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Question asked by tamirci on Jan 27, 2014
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I m trying to understand init procedure of adv212. i read whole decouments, user guide, programming guide, datasheet and faq..I really confiused about firmware loading of init procedure. I think firmware load is used to give filexibility of using same chip for both encode and decode function. there is some file with extension .sea. Do you mean i need to read en external file and load data into adv212'internal ram over indirect registers? I m a little confisued because i checked ADV202_fae06 presentations and saw that roadmap involves adding rom into adv2x2 devices. the presentation in 2007. I m seeing a ROM in adv212 datasheet. So i wonder do i really need to read an external .sea file content with fpga and load content into adv212 or is it already located in chip?


My target is reading PAL bt656 with SAV/EAV or HVF from the ADV7188 and using ADV212 normal host mode, 32-bit host data i/f amd encode J2C mode.


I understand initialization procedure which is indicated in figure 3 / page 10 of programming guide but stacked on load firmware step. do i really need to read an external file? if so this is a big concern since i m not using any processor subsystem in fpga.


Could you please explain more?


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