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SigmaStudio and cosine/sine

Question asked by Matthias on Jul 6, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2011 by BrettG



I just got an ADAU1701 Mini Evaluation Board. I am using SigmaStudio 3.1.

For my programm, working at 192kHz item sample rate, I need to generate both a cosine and a sine at 40kHz.


I have two main problems :


First, there is no cosine generation function. I somehow managed to create a cosine by using sin(2*a)=2*sin(a)*cos(a), but it uses up 2 sine, and there's a wrong point when sin(x)=0 (cos(x) should be 1, it is 0).


Another problem, concerning the sine functiun, is that, even if the sample rate is set over 48kHZ, it will work at 48kHz maximum. So at 192kHz, the frequency is divided by 4...



Any suggestions?



On another note, is there a way to use the output of a function (the sine generation function for example) two times (ie. linking it to two other functiuns) ?


Thanks for your help,