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JTAG interface ADSP 21469

Question asked by mjames2393 on Jan 25, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2014 by CraigG

I've developed an application on a SHARC 21469 development board (EZKIT). One of my friends (an electrical HW engineer) has laid out the board for production duplicating everything from the schematics.


When he got to the “communication” part of the schematic (i.e. the daughter board with an ASIC; the one that provides the JTAG USB interface), it says that the AD USB circuitry is proprietary and is left off

the schematic.


Since AD's USB JTAG interface circuitry is proprietary I have a question for the experienced folks in this group.


Excuse me if I'm not using the right lingo, but what kind of circuitry should my friend build to make sure that the code that I developed using VisualDSP can be uploaded to the DSP board he has built ?


I'm not a HW guy. I just know that I need:


- a tool for flashing his board (I assume we can use VisualDSP for that)

- a hardware interface on his board so that I can connect to it via USB from my PC and flash the board


Can I get some advice here? Maybe there's a better solution ?


Isn't his board also going to need a bootloader ? Some piece of SW which initializes the HW on reset, sets up stuff and loads the program to run from flash??


Thanks !