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Missing files in latest FPGA release?

Question asked by jhadi on Jan 24, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2014 by OguzhanAtak



I have downloaded the latest release (fpgahdl_xilinx-ad_fmcomms2_ebz_edk_14_4_2013_10_22) and trying to get the the reference design (cf_ad9361_zc702) up and running in EDK. But there seems to be some missing files in cf_lib. For instance:


EDK:1405 - File not found in any repository 'adi_common_v1_00_a/hdl/verilog/ad_dcfilter_1.v'

ERROR:EDK:1405 - File not found in any repository 'adi_common_v1_00_a/hdl/verilog/ad_dds_1.v'


My ultimate goal is to be able to get the reference design flow running for ZC702+FMCOMMS2-EBZ board(ad9361 with LINUX/HDMI support). Since it is very unlikely that we would ever want to make any HW changes, getting the software flow (SDK) to work would be very good too at this point. (skipping the EDK and starting with SDK to generate the final image)


Thanks for your help,