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AD927x: Standby mode and LVDS outputs

Question asked by Gym on Jan 24, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2014 by Gym

In the AD9272, AD9276, AD9278 and AD9279, it is written that:"During standby, the entire part is powered down except the internal references. The LVDS output drivers are placed into a high impedance state."

Does this apply to the DCO and FCO outputs also?

Since I need to sample the data only about 10% of the time, I would like to put the AD927x in standby when not sampling to save on power consumption.

I want to interface it to an FPGA (spartan-6) so the deserialize the data, I need to connect the DCO to a PLL to generate the proper internal FPGA clock. If the FCO output is in high impedance state, the PLL will loose lock and screw up the timing! The PLL can take up to 100us to lock so this time adds to the 2us of power up of the AD927x.


Also, why is the standby power of the AD9278 and AD9279 twice as high as the AD9272 / AD9276, while the normal operating power is lower?