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SPORT stream in simulation reading only LSB

Question asked by briankaz on Jan 24, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2014 by briankaz

Hello All,


I am trying to simulate ADC data coming in to a 21488 via a stream to SPORT1A from a file consisting of a series of 1000 or so theoretical ADC samples given in hex.


I got the sample rate correct by setting the relevant CLKDIV field and verified that the SPORT1 interrupt is being triggered at the right rate.  The first instruction in the SPORT1 ISR is as follows:

r2 = dm(RXSP1A);

(I'm writing all of my code in assembly language)

The first few lines of the stream file look like this:






Also, I'm attaching a screen shot of my stream configuration.


The problem I'm having is that only the LSB of the quantity on each line is getting assigned to r2 in the instruction above!


I feel like there is a serial to parallel conversion not happening correctly somewhere...


Based on these symptoms can anyone give me an idea of what I might be missing?


I will be very grateful for some help in this matter!