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Query about ADRF6755 EVB with SDP-S and SDP-B

Question asked by WayneQ on Jan 24, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2014 by WayneQ

Hi, there


Please advise if this item can support SDP-S and SDP-B?

As per the CD, it only consist of the SDP-B.

How about SDP-S? And which is the program to run EVAL-ADRF6755?


Please also advise the following:

  • EVAL-ADRF6755 power on 5V, connected SDP-S with USB


  • EVAL-ADRF6755 ,inside the Regulator will shown 3.3v , it seems like only working on Regulator


-> EVAL-ADRF6755, PLL and other register will running only through the SDP-S with SPI is not controlling at this moment