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ADIS16265 GYRO_SCALE and calibration

Question asked by tbr@tt on Jan 24, 2014
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In my application the gyro is sometimes tilted  relative to the motion it should detect. E.g. if trying to measure a the yaw of an airplane (on the ground), the gyro is sometimes canted so it "looking" down through the nose. I don't know the exact angle but is is approx 20-30 deg relative to the horizontal plane.


I therefore i manually set the scale setting in order to ensure that when the plane has taken an 360 deg turn, the gyro readout is also 360 deg. I know that is solution creates more noise in the output, but i have no way to mechanically align the gyro.


My problem is that the datasheet recommends that i run the "Factory calibration restore" command, before collecting GYRO_OUT data . The problem is that the calibration is now being performed without the scale that needs to be set when using the device.


My question is: should i restore the scale after calibration is complete, or is it better to do it right after "Factory calibration restore" command and before collecting GYRO_OUT data. I.e. Should the scale setting be restored as a step 3.5, or 8.5 when following the flow at page 18 in the datasheet?


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